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Encouraging creativity in toddlers is important. It helps
build a child’s cognitive skills, creative thinking and imagination, problem
solving, and more.  Which is why we
encourage our daughter, even though we dislike having building toys strewn
around the house – they can seriously take you out – to build things, and use
her creativity as much as she can, and she enjoys it.   Since she loves to build things, we obliged
to reviewing the brackitz Creator Set.
What is brackitz?
Well, it’s a good thing you asked.  If you’re like me, you’ve probably never
heard of this innovative toy company called brackitz.  Brackitz products are 100% USA made. They
specialize in innovative building systems that feature 4-inch wooden planks and
90- and 120-degree angle connectors in iridescent green, blue, red, and orange.
Brackitz describes this set as follows:
The perfect starter open-ended construction toy, the award-winning Creator Set includes 30 planks and 20 easily-manipulated brackitz connectors, enabling builders big and small to construct amazing, durable, 3-D structures, all on their own! Unrestricted by step-by-step instructions, the Creator Set encourages undirected, open-ended creativity, building imagination and putting real-life math and science principles into play! Build on your child’s love of blocks, with the brackitz Creator Set!
Product Details
Allows for a greater building experience
Provides countless hours of fun
Teaches measurement, angles, proportions and basic physics
Made with safe materials certified by Consumer Product
Safety Commission standards
Our Thoughts
For our review, we received the Creators Set, which is the
smallest building set out of the three available for sale on their website. The
Creators Set contains 50 pieces, allowing both you and your child to create and
build beyond your imagination.
At the time, our daughter was close to turning four, and even though brackitz suggests the set is for any age, we watched our daughter struggle to put the pieces inside of the connectors. But, that doesn’t mean she didn’t like the product because she did.  However, the wooden planks have sharp edges, which hurt her.  Even my husband had difficulty squeezing the planks into the connectors when building with our daughter. That said, we don’t let her play with the brackitz Creator Set that much.
Overall, we didn’t find the brackitz set suitable for our
young family; however, we will keep it around for our older nieces and nephews,
and for when mini me is older, and stronger to play with the set. Until then, we’re sticking with our LEGO’s.However, we do think that once the brackitz creator set is
played with more on a regular basis, the connector pieces will loosen up,
making it easier to create and build. If you’re looking for a building set for
your child that’s maybe 7 years old and up, that will help teach them about
angles, architecture, engineering, problem solving and more, brackitz is the
way to go.
The brackitz Creator Set is available on brackitz.com for $29,
along with a 100-piece and 200-piece set, all with free domestic shipping on
any order. Best of all, all brackitz kits are compatible, allowing kids to
build as large as their imaginations can take them.
Have you tried any of the brackitz products? 
If so, what did you think of them?