I’m a fan of LUSH products – their soaps, shower gels, body
conditioners, masks – you name it, I love it! My love for LUSH has transferred
over to mini me.  She now cannot enjoy bath
time without a piece of LUSH Pink Fun.
What is LUSH Pink Fun?
LUSH Pink Fun is a multi-functional bath and body product,
allowing you to use it as a shampoo, soap, or bubble bath.  Due to its malleable nature, it’s akin to
play doh, except for bath time.  Children
are able to create and mold the Fun into different shapes, creatures, etc. for
unlimited bath time fun.

Our thoughts on LUSH Pink Fun

My daughter loves bath time. She brings all, I mean ALL of
her toys – a Dora bus included – into the tub with her, so when my husband
brought home the LUSH Pink Fun for her to use during bath time, and she was
beyond excited.  
Our daughter loves Play Doh.  Imagine how she felt when she found out the
LUSH Fun was Play Doh, except for bath time.  She wanted to take a bath right then and
there.  It didn’t help that the LUSH Fun
was pink, and smelled amazing – like candy, with cute, bio-degradable candy wrapper-like packaging to match.  The sweet, candy-like scent lasts for a good
part of the day. My daughter always receives compliments on how good she smells
because of it, too. LUSH Pink Fun smells so good that I’m tempted to steal a
piece to use on myself.
Even though mini me has sensitive skin, the LUSH Pink Fun
did not cause her to break out or become itchy.

My only issue with LUSH Pink Fun is the way it lathers. I
have noticed that using it with bare hands to massage it onto the skin works
best. Using it with a wash rag, not so much. I haven’t yet tried it with a
konjac sponge, but, hopefully that will prove better results.  Also, when using the LUSH Pink Fun to make
bubbles for a bubble bath, it creates a decent amount of bubbles, but not as
much as a LUSH bubble bar.
Overall, LUSH Pink Fun is a hit with our toddler. She enjoys
bath time even more when using it to create dresses for her dolls, wash her
doll’s hair, etc. Yes, her dolls get expensive baths on our dime. SMH. LUSH
Pink fun is something we pick up for mini me several times over once we run
out, which means you should just go and pick up some for yourself or your little
LUSH Pink Fun is available at LUSH stores or lushusa.com for
$6.95/8.8 oz.  It also comes available in
several different fun colors and scents like Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.
Tip: To prevent
the LUSH Pink Fun from drying out, leave it in a tin or Ziploc bag.

Ingredients: Talc , Cornflour
(Zea mays) , Glycerine , Sodium Laureth Sulfate , Fragrance , Benzoin
Resinoid (Styrax tonkinensis pierre) , Tonka Absolute (Dipteryx
odorata), Coumarin , Geraniol , Red 27 , Red
33 , Red 4.

Have you tried LUSH Pink Fun?