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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing with you our love story that’s now been featured in this past Sunday’s New York Post.  Although my ‘About Me’ page discusses how my husband and I met nearly 6 years ago at the Penn Station-area Chipotle, it doesn’t get into much detail about the actual day, which the New York Post story captures.

As a married woman with single friends, I often hear how hard it is dating in New York City.  Our story, along with the stories of the five other couples featured in the New York Posts Meet-Cute story prove that finding love in New York City is, in fact, possible. And you don’t need a dating site to do so.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Lindsey Lazarte, who said:

Hopefully, after reading all of our stories, you will regain hope in finding love in New York City. The next time you’re at the grocery store, on the train, at Chipotle, or even hailing a taxi, and you see someone you’re attracted to, just say ‘Hi’.  You never know if you’re saying ‘hello’ to your future spouse!

Check out the story here:

Where did you meet your significant other? 

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  • Congrats on making the paper! đŸ™‚ My favorite couple! I think people have a misconception that people online date because they don’t want to meet people in person or are afraid to approach people. That’s not true. It would be great if that could happen but it’s difficult as you get older, and work full time, and don’t do the club scene anymore to casually stumble across someone that could be a great match for you. And it’s cold outside? Luckily in your case you were able to meet someone in person first that’s amazing. For others, we’d love for it to happen that way but it may not, so online dating is purely just another dating option to meet more singles you may be able to connect with. I have married and engaged friends that met online and once you meet the person and hit it off with them it’s no different than how any other couple met except they just happen to have met online : )

    • Thank you. Thanks to you. You’re right. I only know a few couples that actually married the person they’ve met online. Then there’s a group I’m in where a lot of women stated they’ve met their SO’s on myspace, black ppl meet or even facebook. I didn’t say it can’t happen because it can. You’re right, the chances of meeting ppl when you’re our age with busy lives etc, especially in the cold, is slim. Once spring and summer hits… heeyyy lol