Right before Christmas, I was inspired by Live Love DIY to
create a Christmas Ornament Wreath I’d gone to Michael’s to
pick up supplies: a glue gun, foam wreathes, and wreath hangers.  However, when it came down to finding the
ornaments I’d need (at an affordable price), I couldn’t.  So I turned lemons into lemonade, and told
myself both mini me and I will make Valentine’s Day Wreaths.

DIY projects are not my forte, but, the Valentine’s Day
wreaths I saw on Pinterest seemed easy enough, plus, you only needed minimal
supplies.  For our Valentine’s Day
wreaths, I opted to use some yarn, which I found on-sale at Michael’s, along
with some glitter heart cutouts, and a red, white, and pink striped burlap bow.

Supplies needed
Foam Wreath (we used 12″ and 16″)
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Note: I picked up a cool cold glue gun from Michael’s so mini me could help.  I can review it later on if you’re interested in hearing about it.

1. Create an anchor for the yarn by squeezing a dot of glue at
the seam of the foam wreath, and then quickly apply the yarn to the area to
which the glue was applied.
2.  Wrap the yarn around the wreath making sure you do not see
the color of the foam through the yarn; no gaps! 
3.  Continue wrapping the yarn around the wreath until you begin
to see a white light and Jesus.
4.  Once the wreath is fully covered in yarn without gaps, cut
the yarn, and secure it with more glue.
5. Apply your decorations, and admire your beautiful Valentine’s
Day wreath.

FYI: Most of the tutorials I saw using this same method suggested
using wider yarn.  Guess who didn’t
listen, and ended up suffering in the end? You’re right, me! This project took
almost three hours to complete; 90 minutes to completely wrap mini me’s 12”
wreath, and about the same (or more) to do my 16” wreath.  My hands were tired by the end of the
night.  And so was I; however, I was
proud of my beautiful creation, and mini me loved hers, too. 

What are your Valentine’s Day Plans?