We Celebrated Our 4 Year Anniversary with a Broadway Play & Dinner
at Paul’s on Times Square
We now have four years of marriage under our belts.  .:Woot Woot:. 
I was told after 7 years, things get a whole lot easier.  Other married folk, is that true? 
Although we didn’t celebrate on our actual anniversary day, we did,
however, have a night out on the town in Times Square.  We enjoyed the Broadway play, Disgraced, and
afterwards, we ate dinner at an Italian Restaurant located in the heart of
Times Square, Paul’s on Times Square.

I picked up tickets for Disgraced using the GoldStar app on my phone.  If you do not have that app, but you enjoy
things like plays, concerts, museums, etc., then you need to download the app,
like NOW!  I paid $88 for tickets for the
both of us. 
Disgraced. I came to see actress, Gretchen Mol in a different light
other than as the character she played in one of my favorite HBO shows,
Boardwalk Empire.  Without giving away
too much about Disgraced, I will say that due to the topics covered, there were
some uncomfortable, thought-provoking moments. 
You may like Disgraced if you are into plays that touch on topics like
race, religion, terrorism, injustice, and infidelity.  Yes, that sounds like a lot for one play to
cover in one hour and 25 minutes, but, it was well done.  Even though Disgraced started off slowly, it
did pick up around the 30-minute mark.  Both
my husband and I enjoyed it.
Paul’s on Times Square
I know it sounds kind of cheesy for us to have dinner in Times Square
after seeing a movie.  Plus, restaurants
around the theater district aren’t known to have amazing food; however, Paul’s on Times Square was a good surprise. The food was good, and the direct view of Times Square was amazing. 
After seeing Disgraced, my husband said, “Let’s go for a walk.”  I obliged. 
It was only 4:30 p.m. and it was warm considering it was early
January.  We ended up at The Hilton
Garden Inn Times Square.  I thought, “What
kind of woman does he think I am?”  Once
we got upstairs, I saw the beautiful décor of the restaurant, and was greeted
by Paul, Chef Dino, and the restaurant staff.
Calamari Grillatti
As an appetizer we both had the Calamari Grillatti ($18).The calamari
was cooked perfectly.  The best part was
the seafood and herb stuffing. I also had one of their signature cocktails, a
blue margarita.  They were not shy when
adding the tequila to this drink either. 
It was delicious. I had two, any more than that I would have had to been
carried to the car.
Tagliata Di Manzo
Anatra Con Riso Selvagio
My husband loves steak, so as an entrée he opted for the Tagliata Di
Manzo – Prime aged
grilled 16 oz New York sirloin steak with potatoes gratin ($48), and
I had the Anatra Con Riso Selvagio ($37), which was the leg of duck confit and
seared breast with wild rice & raspberry sauce.  The breast, wild rice, and raspberry sauce
were amazing.  The leg of duck confit was
cooked too done; therefore, it was hard and dry.  The meats for the most part needed a little
bit more salt and seasoning.  Otherwise,
the meal was good.

After we completed our dinner, we were provided with a complimentary
dessert platter.  The platter included, two
of each petite-sized dessert item like mini cheesecakes, crème brulee, chocolate
mousse, and grapes.  My favorite was the crème
Overall, we had a great date night in celebration of our 4 year
anniversary of marriage.  We still
randomly have conversations about the play, Disgraced, and we left Paul’s on
Times Square happy with full bellies.  Unfortunately, that’s where the excitement
ended because we had to pick up mini me afterwards from her grandma.