Recaro Performance BOOSTER High Back Booster Car Seat 

Mini me outgrew her convertible car seat a few months ago.  This girl is tall!  She grows a like a weed. You’d have to see it
to believe it, but, she’s literally a little more than half of my height, and I’m
5’ 3.  Her old convertible seat with the
5-point harness system was way too snug on her to the point where it became
uncomfortable.  Anyway, all that this
meant was that we had to spend more money to purchase a new seat.

This time, instead of spending money on something that wasn’t
going to grow with her, I opted for something that would, like the Recaro Performance BOOSTER High Back Booster Car Seat ($159). It’s weight capacity it from 30
-120, and can hold children with a height of 37” – “61”, which meant mini me
fit the bill.
I chose the Recaro Performance BOOSTER High Back Booster Car
for several reasons aside from the fact that it was one of the most
affordable options, but it also had great reviews, and [safety] features.
Photo Credit: Albee Baby
  • Comfort enhancing memory foam
  • LATCH connectors to secure booster
  • Racing-inspired side impact protection designed to protect
    each of the 5 vulnerable areas of a child in a side impact crash (head, face,
    neck, torso, and pelvis)
  • Side impact protection foam air cushions
  • Tested to international standards
  • Performance infused fashions
  • CoolMesh air ventilation
  • Luxurious, temperature balancing fabrics
  • Removable liners for built in cup holders
  • QuickLift 11-position head restraint

The install of the Recaro Performance BOOSTER High Back
Booster Car Seat
was super easy due to the LATCH connectors, which just snap
onto the rings found in your car.  This latch
system makes sure that this seat doesn’t become a projectile in a crash.  It also makes it easier if you’re switching
out cars and need to move the car seat around.  And, the car seat doesn’t tip to the side
while turning.

The Recaro Performance BOOSTER High Back Booster Car Seat
makes for a comfortable ride for mini me. How do I know? I asked her.  Plus, she settles into her seat and knocks
out in no time.  The wide seat, high back, adjustable head restraint, memory
foam, and CoolMesh air ventilation make the car seat much more comfortable for
long rides, and rides on hot days (that’s if we don’t run the a/c).  Also, unlike with her previous seat, her
head, when she falls asleep doesn’t hang. 
The Recaro Performance BOOSTER has dual stationary cup
holders, which have removable liners that makes keeping these things clean
super easy! Plus, having either a snack or drink or two drinks handy for mini
me, helps me to focus on driving.
The material of the seat, which is a cotton polyester blend,
is easy to clean and maintain.  The color
we picked out “Knight” matches the interior of our car perfectly.

Fast asleep in her Recaro Performance BOOSTER 
The Recaro Performance BOOSTER High Back Booster Car Seat is not all rainbows and unicorns, however,  it comes with its cons. It’s a booster seat
without the harness.  Instead, you use
the existing seat belt to strap in the child, which can sometimes be a pain
getting mini me in and out.  Recaro does manufacture a booster with a harness, the Performance SPORT Harness Booster ($279). 
The Recaro
Performance Booster also sits wide (22″) thanks to all of the added protection;
therefore, when an additional person is in the back of our ’14 Equinox, there’s
very little room for a third person to fit comfortably, unless they’re a small
child that doesn’t require a car seat or booster.  Also, if we fold down the seats next to the
car seat if we have a large item to tote home, it’s difficult to secure the
seat belt.  We have to place mini me in
her seat belt first, and then fold the seats down to load in the large
item.  Thankfully, we don’t tote around
large items or give people rides too often as to where this is a huge problem;
however, I can see this becoming a pain in the future when we finally become a
family of four instead of three.

Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. I actually got it on sale for $112! The price was great,
mini me loves it, she can grow into it, and it works (for now), and hopefully
for many more years to come.  
It’s available in 7 different shades for $159.00, and can be found on
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