Besides the frigid weather, and the crowds, New York during
the Holidays is amazing! There’s something bedazzling about seeing the tree at
Rockefeller center, and the holiday decorations at Macy’s and other department
stores.  And there’s always something going
on to keep up your holiday spirit like the Glade® Boutique.
The Glade® Boutique offers a free scent-inspired experience
to New Yorkers shopping in the area through five different themes:  ‘Anticipation’, ‘Relaxation’, ‘Flirty’, ‘Energize’, ‘Fresh
& New’
.   Each theme is reflective in
a room designed specifically for that theme with a specific Glade scent as it’s focus.  In these rooms, guests are
offered a multi-sensory experience through smell, sight, sound, and touch. 
Once you arrive at the Glade® Boutique, you’re given an RFID card to scan, which allows you to have
your photo taken in each of the 5 rooms. 
These photos are then auto-emailed to you and ready for you to upload to
your social media sites.

My Life Raising Brown Girls Checking in using the RFID card

Out of the five rooms, three were my favorites:  ‘Anticipation’, ‘Flirty’, and ‘Energize’.  
Visually, ‘Anticipation’ was the most
appealing; it reminded me of an upside down snow globle.  Imagine a winter wonderland, full of snow,
trees, and the scent of Sparkling Spruce, which is reminiscent of the holiday

‘Flirty’, inspired by Glade’s Blooming Peony, was designed
as a woman’s boudoir, complete with a vanity, beautiful floral arrangements,
wardrobe, and a one-of-a-kind gown created by celebrity fashion designer Pamela
Dennis, a New York designer known for creating couture with the most luxurious
fabrics and embroideries from all over the world.  The best part, you can take a picture with
you “wearing” it! This was my favorite part.  I just loved all of the glam in the room!
The ‘Energize’ room was designed around Glade’s Red
Honeysuckle Nectar scent.  Thanks to the Oculus
Rift stations (3D virtual reality), this room was unique, in that it took us on
a virtual journey above a waterfall, and through fields of Honeysuckle. 
When visiting the Glade® Boutique, you’re encouraged to engage
with Glade® fragrances up close and personally with a visit to the “Scent
Lab” which features a candle wall housing 1,500 backlit-scented candles that
form an artistic mosaic design.

Glade® Boutique Scent Lab
Guests are encouraged to share their favorite boutique
experiences via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #FeelGlade.
Treat yourself (and your family) to a free scent-sational
experience by visiting the Glade® Pop-up Shop now until December 23, 2014. The
Glade® Boutique is located at 408 W. 14th St. in New York’s meatpacking
district and will be open from Nov. 18 through Dec. 23. Mon – Fri (11:00 a.m. –
8:00 p.m.), Sat (10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.) and Sun (11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.).

If you’re unable to
experience the scent-inspired boutique in person, there’s a 60-second
behind-the-scenes video and a walk through of the boutique will be available on
the Glade® YouTube channel

‘Relaxation’ room with a beach theme

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  • wow this is so cool! I love the snow globe photo

    • It’s still open if you want to go. It’s free, too. It’s not to far from Chelsea market.

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