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Holiday cards are an essential part of our family holiday
tradition as they let our loved ones know we are thinking about them during the
busy holiday season.  To make the cards
even more special we use customized cards, like those found on Zazzle.com that
allow us to incorporate photos of our beautiful family, especially photos of
our daughter, on nice paper with beautiful, intricate designs.  The cards are aesthetically pleasing, and
allow for our family and friends who do not see us as often, see how well and
how much our daughter has grown. 

We knew we wanted to send out customized photo cards for the
holidays again, but with our conflicting schedules, we really didn’t have time
to schedule a photo session together as a family. 
This year, we did things a little differently.  Instead of us taking photos as a family, we
decided to let mini me have a photo shoot all of her own. She just loves the
camera! A family friend, Rayon took her pictures one Sunday afternoon, and said
that “She takes instruction better than most adults I’ve worked with.”  And once he saw how well the pictures were
turning out, he exclaimed that we needed to get her signed to an agency.  But, we’ll leave that for another post.  Anyway, the photos turned out amazing!!! They
looked like images for an ad.

For her photo session, mini me wore two dresses.  One dress was a metallic gold with blue,
ruffled cap sleeved dress.  The other
dress was a purple, black and dark gray floral dress.  Both were gorgeous on her, especially the
gold dress; she looked like a little princess.  So freaking cute!
Anyway, once the photos arrived, we visited Zazzle.com to
check out the many photo card designs they had. 
Unfortunately, I am not design savvy so I appreciate the pre-designed
cards Zazzle has on their site, and they’re nice, too.  If you’re blessed with design skills there is
an option to design a card or any item from scratch via their site, or you can
upload your own design.  I did the latter
for my sister’s shower invites, and they turned out nice so I knew I could
trust Zazzle with our holiday cards.
Back to the holiday cards we created on Zazzle.com…
After searching through the many card designs I stuck with
the ‘Northern Lights Holiday‘ design.  It
was elegant, yet simple.  I uploaded four
of the photos we liked the best from her shoot, changed the wording on the
card, picked the shape and type of paper, and once everything was set, I placed
my order.  It was easy!  Our cards arrive in less than a week.  Right now, they should be well on their way
to our close family and friends.  I hope
they love them as much as we do!
Zazzle isn’t just for creating and printing cards.  Not only do they have beautiful cards, but they
also have some really cute Christmas ornaments, as well as some cool gift ideas like mugs, throws, and more,
too! Zazzle is literally a one-stop shop for everyone on your list
this year.  Head on over to Zazzle for
all your personalized gift needs. You won’t be disappointed.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Zazzle.com. Affiliate links.

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    • Doesn’t she? My friend was asking us where she learned to pose. I told him she does this on her own. He was amazed since she’s only 3, and he works with celebrities who, according to him needs more direction than she needed.

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