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I’ve been using the My Konjac Sponge Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sponge in my skincare routine for a few months.  After seeing and loving
the results from this facial sponge, I purchased one for my friend and sister,
and the My Konjac Sponge Baby Bath Sponge for mini me. 
During bath time for mini me, I’ve tried a loofah, wash
cloths, and gloves – she liked neither. 
From the moment I showed her the “pwize” (surprise) I’d bought her, the My Konjac
Sponge Baby Bath Sponge
, she was both excited and intrigued.  She actually asked me several times afterward
to give her a bath.
Konjac sponges are made from the konjac potato.  Since the My Konjac Sponge Baby Bath
is 100% natural and free from any coloring or additives along with being
hypoallergenic and free of any fragrances, I knew it would be a great choice
for mini me’s finicky skin.  And I was

What does mini me love about the My Konjac Sponge Baby Bath
Mini me loves the My Konjac Sponge Baby Bath Sponge because it’s
not only soft and squishy, it actually makes her bath time routine more fun,
and she’s more involved.  Only one drop
of our favorite body cleanser, Shea Moisture Olive & Marula is needed to created loads of suds and bubbles,
which mini me loves.  The My Konjac
Sponge Baby Bath Sponge
not abrasive like a regular wash cloth or sponge, and is
more gentle on her sensitive skin.  Plus,
the sponge makes it easy to get to the smaller areas of her body that needs
more attention. After using the My Konjac Sponge Baby Bath Sponge, I noticed mini me’s skin is smoother, especially in areas where she had some dry patches.
I like how easy the My Konjac Sponge Baby Bath Sponge is to
care for and clean.  The sponge, prior to
being used must be soaked in water in order to soften.  What I normally do is place the sponge in the
bath before mini me gets in.  By the time
she’s undressed and ready to be bathed, the sponge is soft.  Cleaning is simple, too.  Once every week and a half or so, just place
the sponge in a bowl of water, and then microwave for 1 ½ minutes, and then air
dry using the piece of string that’s strung through the top of the sponge.   The sponge should last up to 3 months
and can easily be composted after you replace it.  
The sponge can be purchased online for $11(I picked up mine from, or use the store locator to find a retailer near you.
Have you tried a
Konjac sponge?
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