Farin and
her husband are in their late 20’s and have been trying to conceive their first
child for one year after experiencing a miscarriage.  Here’s their story.

you tell people you’re trying to conceive or did you keep it a secret?
1st time we told everyone, but after
that miscarriage we kept it quiet for the 2nd time.
you feel pressure from your spouse, family or friends to have a baby? If so,
how does that make you feel and how do you deal with it?
they understand the difficulties remaining pregnant.
did you realize you were unable to conceive naturally? How did you feel?

We never had trouble conceiving.
does the word ‘infertility’ make you feel?
a fraud. Most people think you are being dramatic to say you have fertility
issues, or infertility, if you can (and have twice) conceived easily.
do you believe is the biggest misconception about infertility?
it only pertains to those who can’t get pregnant. It also pertains to those
unable to remain pregnant 2 or more times in a row. http://www.resolve.org/diagnosis-management/infertility-diagnosis/multiple-miscarriage.html
has infertility and TTC affected your personal relationships?
I had made my husband and I stronger,
and our closest friendships much more deeply rooted.
have you learned about yourself and personal relationships through this
Growing up is hard to do! Even more so
when you are on the alert, waiting for the good news to turn into another
has been your biggest source of strength and support throughout your journey
reading Bible together. There are tons of stories related to pregnancy loss,
miscarriage, inability to conceive and general issues with bearing children.
do you deal with the stress of TTC?
Write. Eat ice cream.
would you tell other women and couples struggling with infertility and losing hope of ever getting pregnant?
are others going through varying types of infertility, and you might find an
unexpected camaraderie or sisterhood through this.
do you think it’s important for you to share your story about infertility and
felt so alone in this journey, and feel that I want to share encouragement with
others who are confused with what is happening with their journey to have a
there anything you would have done differently?
would have gotten the ANA test done in college when I first had some autoimmune
Connect with Farin on http://www.farinvazquez.blogspot.com; or Google + 
If you’re interested in having your
story featured, check out my post “Resolve
to know more…”
. I’m still recruiting people to [anonymously]
interview to raise awareness during Infertility Awareness Week, which is April
20th – April 26th.

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