National Infertility Awareness Week.  During this week, I wanted to share
the stories and journeys of other couples struggling with infertility just to
give you different perspectives on who infertility affects, and how each person
deals with it.
My first
interview is with Lisa of Amateur Nester. Lisa and her husband are both in
their early 30’s.  They’ve been trying to
conceive their first child since March 2012.
Did you tell people you’re trying to
conceive or did you keep it a secret?
We’ve told family & some friends
Do you feel pressure from your spouse,
family or friends to have a baby? If so, how does that make you feel and how do
you deal with it?
family has been very sensitive to us. We receive most pressure from
acquaintances who don’t know our situation.
When did you realize you were unable to
conceive naturally? How did you feel?
I realized after 9 months of TTC that we
were going to have issues. I was scared and assumed it was me. We were shock
when testing revealed my husband also had male-factor issues.
How does the word ‘infertility’ make you
accepted the word. It is what it is. I’m not sure how I feel about people
calling me “infertile.” Perhaps I am physically infertile, but I’m
abundantly fertile in other areas of my life.
What do you believe is the biggest
misconception about infertility?
it’s rare and a “female problem.”
How has infertility and TTC affected
your personal relationships?
brought me closer to my husband, but it has definitely made me pull away from
some friendships I have. It’s hard to be around friends who are pregnant or who
have young children.
What have you learned about yourself and
personal relationships through this journey?
realized that I’m stronger than I thought I was. I also realized that a lot of
people have dealt with infertility, but have kept it quiet. When I open up
about it, they usually do, too.
Who has been your biggest source of
strength and support throughout your journey TTC?
husband has been my rock. I’ve also found a tremendous source of strength in
the infertility blogging community and Twitter community.
How do you deal with the stress of TTC?
cry when I need to and I try to find the humor in it.
What would you tell other women and
couples struggling with infertility and
losing hope of ever getting pregnant?
tell them to do your research, talk to a doctor, and try to find purpose and
meaning in what you’re going through.
Why do you think it’s important for you
to share your story about infertility and TTC?
many people suffer in silence or live in ignorance. We have to break the taboo
that still surrounds infertility.
Is there anything you would have done
wish I had paid attention to my fertility signs more before I started TTC. I
think I would’ve realized much sooner that I was going to need help.
Thank you, Lisa for sharing your story!  Visit to read Lisa’s latest post, in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week: “Resolve to know More About Being Sensitive to Infertility.” 
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