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Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event host by The Moms at The Hudson Bond in Midtown Manhattan.  One of my favorite media personalities, Wendy Williams was in attendance to discuss her new romance novel “Hold Me in Contempt.”

Since I am into everything beauty, I just have to get this in before I get into what Wendy’s steamy new romance novel is about, can I just tell you how great Wendy Williams looks in person?  I must admit I was amazed at how well her skin looks; it’s smooth, clear and relatively wrinkle-free.  Wendy is known for being moisturizer crazy, but, she also stated she uses a lot of serums. And her body! My goodness! She will soon be 50, and you can’t even tell.    Her makeup looked great, too!

Photo Credit: The Moms

“Hold Me in Contempt” is a steamy romance novel with lots of drama, hovering around lawyer Kimberly Kind, and her love for a bad boy.  “Hold Me in Contempt” piques my interest because it takes place in New York City, and Kimberly’s love interest lives in The Watch Tower buildings in Brooklyn, which brings back some nostalgic memories. If you’re into romance novels, with some, as Wendy put it, “..back-breaking sex scenes…” I’d suggest you add it to your summer reading list.  Guess what? Wendy stated she is thinking about making this novel into a movie! I can’t wait!

During the event we were able to sip on signature cocktails created by the bartenders at The Hudson Bond. Out of the two signature cocktails Sparkling Style (Prosecco, elderflower, and cranberry juice), was my favorite.  Burlington Blush (Russian Standard, Aperol & fresh grapefruit) was a little bit too strong for my tastes.

Aside from meeting Wendy Williams, an added bonus was the Burlington Coat Factory Gift Card we were provided with to shop at Burlington to Event attendees were provided with gift cards to shop Burlington Coat Factory in order to get red carpet ready.  I can’t wait to show you the spring outfit I picked up. In addition, we all received signed copies of “Hold Me in Contempt,” too.  It looks like I’m going to hit my 30-Before-30 reading goal sooner than I think.

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Highlights from the event included some advice from Wendy

  • Wendy on self-help novels and receiving advice from people – “No one can give you advice unless they know your lifestyle.”
  • Wendy on sex addicts – “Why can’t they go in the other room and watch porn with lotion?”
  • Wendy’s advice on writing your own novel – “Have a writing partner.”
Hold Me in Contempt Cover Chosen by Wendy’s Facebook Fans

Overall, this was a great event that The MOMS and Burlington Coat Factory put together.  Thank you for inviting me.

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and are honest. I was provided a gift card to shop prior to attending the event. 

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  • Betzy Carmona

    This event looks like so much fun !

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  • Wendy looks amazing. I wish I looked that good at 40, much less 50.

    • She looks great. She did also say she does botox here and there.

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    This looks like so much fun! It’s been a couple years since I’ve been to an event!

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    • Wendy is nice. You’re assumption was correct

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    This looks like such a fun event!

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    What a fun event! One of the many great things I miss since I no longer live in NYC. Glad I got to read about it!

    • I’m soon going to move out of NYC, and I’m afraid of that happening… not being able to attend events. They’re great for networking.

  • Looks like it was a fun event!

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    It was a pretty fun event, right?! Not to mention that cocktails + fashion + Wendy Williams on a Wednesday evening = #daymade

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