I promised to include more posts about mini me and her
life.  She’s a funny three year old girl
with plenty, and I mean plenty of
character.  There’s honestly never a dull
moment, especially when she says something intriguingly funny or adult-like.  And then there’s those moments when she’s
completely in her zone, role playing as a princess (dressed up, too), watching her favorite show,
or playing with one of her favorite toys. 
Most of those times she plays alone, but the other times, she insists my
husband, whom she calls “Prince Charming” plays with her.  It’s hilarious!
Mini me has her days when she doesn’t care for something she
loved the day previous, and then there’s those things that she just loves and
makes her happy.  Below are 10 Things my
3 Year Old Loves Right Now.
Things made with the Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Ice Cream Sundae Playset
1. Play Doh
Mini me’s #1 Favorite
thing in her 3 year old world is PLAY DOH! I remember one day she sat next to
me and said “Mommy, I want to be happy.” 
I responded by asking her why isn’t she happy and what would make her
happy, to which she responded, “Pway doh.” 
To be a 3 year old and have your mood ruined because you don’t have Play
Doh, must be the life!
My mom started her with this Play Doh obsession because mini
me watches Play Doh videos on YouTube along with these Egg Surprise Videos,
which brings me to her next love, YouTube.
2. YouTube
Mini me LOVES YouTube! Her favorite videos to watch are Kinder
Egg Surprise and Play Doh. Recently, her soon-to-be Uncle sent me a text
because he received an email stating he has a subscription to Egg Surprise on
YouTube.  I cried! I’m still laughing.
3. iPhone or iPad
As I mentioned previously, Mini me is OBSESSED with watching
Egg Surprise and Play Doh on YouTube. 
She doesn’t own an iPhone or iPad, she’s three and I’m not crazy, but
her dad and soon-to-be uncle allow her to use their iPads.  When I had my iPhone 4S I allowed her to
watch YouTube videos on there, but now that I have the 5C and no case, she’s
only used it a few times.
4. Her 45th
Anniversary Chevy Camaro
For her birthday the husband and I purchased for Mini me an
all black 45th Anniversary Chevy Camaro ride-on car (retail $399.99).  She’s asked for a car since Christmas.  Actually, a car and a house, but she’s not
getting a play house anytime soon.  The
weather hasn’t been that great here in NYC, so she’s just been sitting in it,
turning on the radio and listening, and turning the wheel.  We don’t even think she knows it moves…
yet.  This week is supposed to be warmer
so we may let her take it for a real spin.
That’s Play Doh & Water in there. 
5.  Doc McStuffins Deluxe
Get Better Check up Center
For Christmas we purchased for Mini Me the Doc McStuffinsDeluxe Get Better Check-up Center.  Even
though she’s defaced it with countless stickers, she loves to use the accessories
that came with it, especially the needle, otoscope and plexor (reflex
hammer).  I have no clue how many needles
I’ve had that were given by her, but, I don’t think I need to see a doctor for
a few years. 
6.  NesQuik Strawberry
My mom started her on Nestle’s NesQuik Strawberry Syrup in an effort
to get her to drink more milk.  And now,
Mini me can’t go a day without it. I’ve noticed that whenever she drinks the
milk she is a pee factory, so I’ve curbed the number of cups she consumes at
least while she is with me.  Plus, she
feels like if she has the milk she doesn’t need to eat. 
7. Chocolate
Before the chocolate, Mini Me loved Fruit Snacks.  She probably still does, but ever since we
took her to the dentist after she had her teeth cleaned, and noticed she had
some staining as a result of her eating the Fruit Snacks, we stopped giving
them to her. However, he dentist stated she can have all of the chocolate she
wants.  Now, she eats Hershey’s Kisses.
8. Pinkberry
I’m not sure if Mini me’s Pinkberry obsession began with her
Aunty Mommy or with me, but she loves that stuff! If she sees the Pinkberry bag
she goes bananas and cries for it. She used to like chocolate, but lately, she’s
been digging the pomegranate or is it mango? I’m not sure.  When the weather warms up, and we have time
on the weekends we will take a walk to the one closest to our neighborhood.
9.  My Konjac Sponge All
Natural Fiber Baby Bath Sponge
For the last month or more I’ve been using the My Konjac Bamboo
Charcoal Konjac Sponge (read my review).  Through
researching the sponge, I found one for babies, so I picked up one for mini
me.  Now, had I known that this was all I
needed to coax her into taking baths I would have purchased this a long time
ago!  She loves to use it on herself and
will tell anyone about it.  Since using it
on her, anytime we go in the bathroom she says “Mommy, I dirty. I need a bath
with my sponge.”
Funny and cute!
You can purchase one for $10.00 from Amazon.com 
10.  Disney Junior Channel
When all else fails, and I need some time to get things done
like cook, I can turn on Disney Junior and Mini me will keep busy as long as
one of her favorite shows are on. 
Currently, she loves Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins,
Sophia the First, and Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.