Outside of diapers and wipes, it’s easy to get confused on what to add to your baby registry, especially with the many baby items available.  Besides, when babies are born they do not need much besides milk, a clean onesie, and dry diaper, but then there are those things that simplify the chaos of becoming a new parent. To make things a little easier for you, I’ve created this list of the Top 5 Items You Need to Add to Your Baby Registry.  Keep in mind that these are suggestions only, and are not in ranking order. 
1. Breast Pump
 I had both a manual and electric pump, and for me, the electric pump, the Medela Pump In Style Advance was a life saver once my milk came in a few days after giving birth.  It allowed me to pump out and save the excess milk my daughter didn’t consume during a feeding, thus preventing me from suffering from painful, engorged breasts.  Manual pumps just took too much time. 
Health Insurance Providers are now required to provide breast pumps to women after giving birth.  Check with your health insurance to see which breast pump is covered.  Read here for more information: https://www.healthcare.gov/what-are-my-breastfeeding-benefits/
2. Infant Car Seat
Hospitals do not allow you to leave with your new bundle of joy without a car seat. If you’re in the market for an affordable and safe car seat check out the Chico Keyfit 30, which is similar to the Britax B Safe car seat, except with a smaller canopy and price. If you have a little extra money to spend, and want extra safety features like side impact technology, energy-absorbing harness and more, along with room to grow go with the Britax Advocate 70
The Car Seat Lady has a great guide on choosing car seats. 
3. Co-Sleeper
Co-Sleepers are the perfect space saving bassinet that allows you to have your baby close without having them in the bed with you.  It’s great for nursing mom’s, too since it helps facilitate the bond between mom and baby, as well as help maintain milk supply due to the ease of the baby being able to night nurse.  Plus, mom gets more rest.
I didn’t use a co-sleeper when I had mini me, instead we used a playpen that had a bassinet on top.  The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper is something I would purchase for the next baby when we have one.  Mini me did not stay in the bassinet long because I night nursed, and eventually, getting out of the bed every few hours, especially once I returned to work became exhausting.  The Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper has a drop down side, and attaches to the bed, but keeps the baby OUT of your bed.  I need that .:lol:.  Right now, I have a three year old in my bed, and it’s not the most comfortable thing. 
4. Infant Car Seat Carrier
Car seats are heavy by itself, and then add an almost 8 lb baby to that equation – not fun! An Infant Car Seat Carrier, like the Baby Trend Snap n Go was something that saved my arms whenever I traveled to the doctor or parked a long way from wherever we had to go.  Other brands, like Graco and Safety 1st carry car seat carriers, too.
5.  Baby Carrier

I own an Ergobaby Organic Twill Carrier in Navy.  It was one of the best purchases I made because it allowed me to wear mini me comfortably.  The carrier allowed me to get things done around the house, while having mini me close.  I was also able to discreetly nurse while mini me was in the carrier, too.  When we went on vacation, mini me lived in the carrier vs the stroller because she liked being held, and most of all I felt she was more safe and I didn’t have to worry about chasing her around on a cruise ship, or even through the streets.

The Ergobaby Carrier positions the baby in a sitting position unlike other carriers like the Bjorn, which are considered “crotch danglers, and can lead to serious health issues further down the line if used regularly.   Plus, the Ergobaby is easy on the back, too!  I can go on, and on about why you need to add the Ergobaby carrier to your registry, but take my word for it… you need one!

Other carrier brands I recommend are Beco and Boba.  Honestly, if I had the money to own more than one baby carrier I would purchase more one of each.

Check out Meggan Mamma’s post on why she’d never put her baby in a Baby Bjorn Carrier.

What items do you think you need to add to your baby registry?

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