I’m back with the results of the Clomid I took from
CD3-CD7.  I was on 150 mg of Clomid,
which translates into three 50 mg pills at once.  Typically, Clomid is started with 50 mg doses
and worked up, but since I had a low response to the Femara; I only produced 1
egg but multiple follicles, my RE started me on 100 mg of Clomid.  The 100 mg of Clomid mirrored the results of
the Femara, producing only 1 egg and multiple follicles, hence the “high” dose
of 150 mg per night for 5 days.  Guess
what? It worked!
During my first follicle scan I met with my male RE, and he
said “The 150 mg of Clomid produced robust results.” When I had my second
follicle scan, my female RE, the one we were seeing when I had mini me, was
impressed by the results, too!  I know I’ve
never posted my follicle sizes before, but I will now share them so you can see
what we’re working with, and it’s scary! 
My first follicle scan showed that I had about 6-8 follicles
on both the left and right ovaries.  My
second scan showed that of all of those follicles only 4 (maybe 5) of the
follicles are mature.  Most follicles
rupture and release the egg once they hit between 18-24 mm.  The sizes of the mature follicles are: 22 mm,
21 mm, 18 mm, 17 mm, and 14 mm is the one that can either mature or just
recede.  When we got pregnant with mini
me, my follicle was around 17/18 mm.  You’re
probably wondering what that means and why it’s scary… or maybe not.  I’m going to pretend like you care and tell you anyway.
When I sat down with my RE she, flipped through my chart and
confirmed with me mini me’s age.   Then
she said “I’m going to ask you an important question.  I know we’ve talked about twins, but how do
you feel about the possibility of FIVE?”
I told her my feelings, and then we set a game plan.  One preventive measure is to not do an IUI
this time around.   With so many mature
follicles, combined with my husband’s high sperm count, and my history of getting pregnant
relatively quickly on our own, not doing and IUI seems like the best thing to
do.  I received my HCG trigger shot (1/3rd
instead of ½ of the dose), so I should ovulate between 24-36 hours from the
trigger.  Wish us luck and pray!  That two week wait is a b!tch!
Remember when I said my RE’s stated they were going to take
me off of Clomid because I told them it was giving me headaches?  I don’t think it was the Clomid.  This time around I’ve had no headaches.  The only thing I did experience while taking
the higher dose of Clomid was being extremely emotional and weepy!  I just wanted to cry all of the time.  If you know me, you know that is a far cry
from who I am – no pun intended.  There
were one or two days where I was just depressed, but after I was done taking it
I felt better.  Oh, and another thing I
experienced, which I think is due to the high amount of follicles I’m housing
in my ovaries this time, is pain in my ovaries. 
I know that when I ovulate it will hurt since I’m one of the lucky women
who can actually feel when they ovulate.
I’ve read that there are women out there taking fertility
drugs un-monitored.  I think that’s
completely crazy.  I’m sorry for judging,
but it is.  I’d be so scared.  You can’t measure if you’re responding well
or negatively to the drugs, and the effects it’s having on your reproductive
system.  It’s dangerous.
This has to be abnormal!
Side bar: During
every visit to the RE, they draw blood. 
When I got to work I went to remove the band-aid from the area the blood
was drawn.  Guess what I see? Blood on my
shirt! I bled through the gauze and band-aid. This has never happened before. I
have no clue if it’s because this is the arm and vein they use every single
week they draw blood, and the vein just said “I’ve had enough.” But, it was
weird and freaked me out!  Thank God I
wore a sweater over my shirt that covers it.