Not too long ago, I posted a story and recipe for our dad’s famous Banana Pudding.  His Southern Banana Pudding was one of the best things my dad was able to cook.  Well, that and chitterlings, but I don’t eat that. We’ve all watched him make banana pudding, and at times have even helped him.  No matter how much we try to duplicate it, no one’s banana pudding will ever be on the same level as his, but, that doesn’t mean we still do not try.

My sister, Shani who is also a chef (71AteChef), created a Banana Pudding Cheesecake that was to die for (TDF). Look at the picture, doesn’t it look delicious? She’s posted, on her website the recipe along with some photos.  You may check it out by clicking here: Leroy’s Sweet Tooth.


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71ateChef is a native “Brooklynite,” studied art beginning in middle school and continued at LaGuardia HS of Music & Art majoring in Fine Arts. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from St. John’s University. Upon her graduation, Shani Porter continued to work for a successful jewelry line in the Employee Relations department. Within a few short months, she began questioning her career path and searching for ways to pursue her lifelong passion for cooking.  Read more here 
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