Yes, I’m still taking prenatal vitamins, and no, I am not
pregnant.  Nursing mothers and women of
childbearing age should take prenatal vitamins. 
Because a pregnant or lactating woman is constantly feeding her child
from her body’s own nutrients, a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals is
essential. Some people say that you should only take prenatal vitamins if you
are pregnant and advise against it if you aren’t; however, your body will
discard any excess minerals and vitamins that it cannot use. 
My first prenatal vitamin, Vitafol OB + DHA consisted of two pills, one of
which was DHA.  When you’re pregnant, it
is hard enough to keep down food, and when the pill is horse-sized, it makes
matters even worse.  I wish I knew there
were good-quality liquid prenatal vitamins while I was pregnant, and didn’t waste $25
per month on something I hated.
Any who, one of my blogging buddies, Mina Slater told me
about Nature’s Plus Source of Life Prenatal Liquid in the natural tropical
fruit flavor, which I tried once.  It was
way too sweet, and it lacked some essentials. 
I did more research and came across Buried Treasure™ PreNatal Plus
DHA Complete, which was $14.99 for 32 servings.   It
tastes good; it isn’t medicine-like. To me, it tastes like orange juice.  The consistency is a little thicker than
juice, but, the best part about it, is you can add it to your favorite fruit
juice if you’re not a fan of the flavor.
My only issue with the Buried Treasure™ PreNatal Plus
DHA Complete is that it has to be refrigerated.  When we traveled recently, I wound up leaving
it at home because I didn’t want to worry about it while flying.  During the week while I was off of this
vitamin, I did notice a difference in my energy level – it was remarkably
low.  I felt like I could take numerous
naps per day. 
About Buried Treasure™ PreNatal Plus DHA Complete
Buried Treasure™ PreNatal Plus DHA Complete is a
comprehensive whole food complex blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs in an
easy to swallow, highly bioavailable liquid form. The Omega 3 Fatty Acid DHA is
vital to healthy fetal brain and eye development, while extra Folic Acid is
required for normal fetal development.
  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Yeast & Dairy Free

As mentioned previously, I purchased mine from Vitacost for $14.99.  I’ve seen other sites have them priced for $20 and up.  Vitacost even has a sign-up and save program where you can automatically receive shipments of any product. You’ll never have to worry about running out or heading to the store!