I attended my very first Mommy Meet Up the other day thanks to Candace Montgomery of Chic Busy Mom, and Essence Magazine.  The Mommy Meet Up took place at the Essence Magazine offices located in New York City.  It was an enjoyable afternoon of open conversations over lunch an some yummy cocktails by SVEDKA Vodka.  Mine, and everyone’s favorite SVEDKA cocktail was ‘Cuz I Said So.’

The open forum definitely made me feel like I was amongst some of my closest girlfriends.  Seeing familiar faces like Candace of New York State of Mom, whom I went to junior high school and high school with, and Nellie of Brooklyn Active Mama, made it even more comfortable for me to open up about my life as a busy mom of a two year old, and everything that comes with it.

Being the first of my friends to be not only married, but have a child kind of leaves me alone at times because they can’t really relate to what’s going on in my life.  Yes, I have my sister and mom, but, sometimes you need to be around people your own age who are going through and dealing with the same things that you are, which is exactly what the Mommy Meet Up offered.

During the Mommy Meet Up we discussed mommy guilt, which I suffer from every morning I have to leave for work and my daughter is crying, or when after work, I have an event to cover for my blog instead of going straight home.  We discussed this word “balance” which we all agreed does not exist when you’re a mom.  I mean, you can try your best to balance everything, but, something in the end has got to give.  We didn’t leave out the men.  No, there was no male-bashing.  We talked about appreciating your spouse for what they do, spending time with them, and showing affection to him (or her) in front of your children so that they know what a healthy relationship looks like.

When it came to talking about moms we admire and adore, you know I had to mention my boo, Solange.  She’s just effortlessly chic and beautiful.  She was a young mom, and she made it work.  Other moms mentioned were Diana Ross, Holly Robinson Pete, Beyonce, and Regina King.

Overall, it was a god time, and much needed break. I can’t wait to attend another one.

Me & Candace – Chic Busy Mom

How cute is this ‘Mommy’ bracelet we received?