I was on Facebook the other day, and scrolled passed a chore
list that listed age appropriate chores for kids.   Facebook is wacky on
the iPhone, so I didn’t get a chance to see where it was from or save it after
viewing it. Isn’t google the best, though? 
I found what I think is the chore chart for age appropriate chores for
kids.  I thought it to be interesting
because there are things on the chart that my husband and I already have our
two year old doing. 
If you’re wondering if I have my two year old slaving, no;
however, she does help us put away the groceries.  If she makes a mess, such as tearing up paper
and leaving it on the floor, she has to clean it up.  If she makes a spill, she will get a paper towel
to wipe it up.
I’m no expert parent, but, I am trying to be the best mom I
can.  I think that the biggest mistake
parents make when their children are younger is to not enforce the importance
of doing chores.  Chores give structure,
and give kids something to do.  I
remember my grandma always said something like “An idle mind is the devil’s
workshop.”  Chores will keep a child
busy, which in turn, keeps them out of trouble. 
Chores provide children with a sense of accomplishment. They feel as if
they were productive, helpful, and they did something that grownups usually do.  At the very least, chores help kids help take
the burden off of you while teaching them about the importance of housework and
taking care of the things that’s important to them.

If you’re worried about your child’s ability to help out with certain things, and not allow them to at least try it, you’re hindering their growth, and undermining their abilities, which can lead to long-term issues like low self-esteem.  Yeah, I went there! If you see them struggling, help them! As a parent, that’s why you’re there, to help and to guide. 

The chart is below.  Click
it to enlarge it. I will also include the link to the PDF via The HappyHousewife

When did you begin giving your children chores? Do your children
even do chores?

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