Mini me playing with her Innotab2S she got for her birthday

Mini me has been two for one whole week and 3 days.  According to her, she’s three.  Who knows where she got that thought
from.  Any who, for her birthday we got
her cake, gave her gifts and the following Saturday, we went to the Ringling Bro’s & Barnum Bailey Circus:
Built to Amaze at the Barclay Center. 
Let’s just say she got her monies worth!

We had great seats; section 8 row 6 at the Barclay Center in
Brooklyn; therefore she was able to see a lot of what was going on up
close.  Mini me enjoyed the circus… a
ton! She stood up the entire time, dancing, singing and clapping.  By the time the circus was over (it was 2.5
hours long), she was pooped!
I’m glad we were able to take her (Thank You, Gaga for her
ticket), especially since I’ve wanted to go for a while, and as children we
would go to the Big Apple and/or the Ringling Bro’s circuses.  I think this was a nice first experience for
her.  Next, her God mom and my sister are
taking her to the Universoul Circus
this month.
Now that she’s two…
Now that mini me has turned two, people have been asking me “Where’s
the next one?”  I honestly wanted my
children to be two years apart like my sister and me, so that they can have a
good relationship; however, the two year mark has passed, and as you can see
there’s no baby.  Maybe by the time she’s
three we’ll have another one.  Who knows?
It all depends on what’s in God’s plans for us. 
Plus, undertaking a big goal, I don’t know if it makes sense financially
to have another kid, and do that at the same time.  Soon, mini me will have to be in daycare, and
that isn’t cheap!  Two kids in daycare,
plus other living expenses… Hmm I can wait.
Mini Me’s Favorite
things right now
Her Dad’s iPad mini
Fresh Popcorn
Yo Gabba Gabba
Brushing her teeth and washing her hands