CD26 I had some spotting with clear discharge, which was
reminiscent of implantation bleeding.  I
still experienced cramping daily since CD22, even up until CD1.  This has been the worst cycle.  I pray that they get better, especially after
I begin applying the progesterone cream, which I can’t begin until CD14.  
CD1, I had cramping, that wasn’t too bad with the help of
some Motrin.  Low progesterone levels
produce clots; therefore, I had a little.  I remember periods prior to becoming pregnant
having lots of clots.  That should have
been my red flag for low progesterone.  Unless
you want me to get into more detail of how my flow was, I will stop there
because I know it can become “too gross” for some people. 

It seems like the worst of it happened between CD1 into CD2.  I had the most pain right before bed and up until maybe 6:00 AM the day of CD2.  The pain was so bad that it woke me up from my sleep at 3:00 AM, and I didn’t go back to sleep until 6:00 AM.  I couldn’t find my ibuprofen, so I was left to endure the pain until it subsided.  I think what did me in that night was downing two Founders Dirty Bastards before bed to go along with my meal.  I promise myself I will not do that again.

By CD3 I experienced no cramping, and I’m able to nix the Always Ultra Thin Long Super and Overnight Pads with Wings, and replace them with the Always Ultra Thin Regular Pads with wings.  ‘m tired as heck though.

Prior to becoming pregnant, my Aunt Flow symptoms used to
include sore breasts at least a week to a few days before her arrival.  These last few cycles I’ve had none of that –
just cramps!  Oh, and some fatigue.  I’m wondering if my continuing to
breastfeeding has anything to do with that.