At the end of February, I’d written a post about low
progesterone being the possible cause for my horrible PMS symptoms.  My Bachelor of Science degree in Community
Health has totally qualified me for self-diagnosing myself (insert side eye I
know all of you reading are giving right now). 
Please know I am only joking.  As
I stated in an older post, I was diagnosed with low progesterone during my
pregnancy.  I probably should have asked
the doctor if it was something that I’d have to deal with forever.  I guess so. 
I’ll be sure to ask next time around.
I was experiencing some of the symptoms of having
low-progesterone as well, such as hot flashes, memory loss, irritability,
strong menstrual cramping, clotting, joint pain, fatigue, and lack of
libido.   Some symptoms were more severe than others
like the cramping.   Thank God I have been delivered from that evil
thanks to the progesterone cream I started using. 
I picked up the Source Naturals Progesterone Cream 4 oz was
$11.98 from  I started using it CD 16 (after ovulation*)
up until the first day of my period.  Twice
per day I applied ¼ teaspoon of the cream to my body, alternating between the inner
thighs, back of neck, abdomen, or inner side of my arms. 
I can honestly say that I was a bit skeptical about trying
because I’ve read so many varying accounts on success with using the
cream.  I’m happy I tried it.
*Using progesterone prior to ovulation will stop ovulation altogether
What I like
I like that the cream actually works.  Before, I was experiencing cramping a whole
week before my period was due, and now I get cramping the day of.  My period is also not as heavy.  There is still some clotting, but, hopefully
with more use it will subside, too.  I’m
not as tired.  My mood has definitely
been on the up and up, and so has the libido.
What I don’t like
The cream doesn’t absorb easily, and it pills once it begins
to dry if it isn’t rubbed in thoroughly. 
It has this smell to it. I can’t describe it though.  It just doesn’t smell nice.  When I find a proper scent description I will
update this post with it.
That’s about it.  I
hope this isn’t just a fluke, and it continues to bring positive results for me.  Lord knows, I was really going to beg my
husband to impregnate me!

 Have you tried
progesterone cream?  What are your

 Information in this post should not be considered
medical advice. My experience may not reflect that of your own. If you’re
experiencing any of these symptoms, please speak with your health care provider
before starting any supplements.