Last week I posted about a reduction in milk production when
aunt flow returns.  I have noticed a
decline in my production during my last few cycles.  I haven’t kept an accurate account of how
much until now.   It really is
interesting to see how much my milk production declines when Aunt Flow is on
her way. 
This is what I pumped during my first and second pumping
sessions during CD1:
During the first
pumping session, I pumped a total of 4 oz, and about 2.5 oz during the second
session, for a total of 6.5 oz for the day. 
I also noticed that while I was pumping I had mild back cramping.  I didn’t notice that before. 

Here are some more pics of my pumped milk during this past cycle.  I skipped a session on CD3 & CD4.  CD’s 5-6, since it’s the weekend I didn’t pump at all.

Cramping during nursing or breast pumping can be due to the
release of oxytocin.  I’ve heard about
this when in my last stages of pregnancy; I was desperate to find a way to
naturally induce myself, and I came across breast pumping to induce labor.  No, it didn’t work; however, some people have
had success with this method.   The release of oxytocin could explain why I’m experiencing the
same cramping, but, why now?

For my nursing moms, have you experienced any menstruation
cramping while breastfeeding or pumping?  
Have you noticed a decline in your milk supply?