When I returned to work mini me was almost 4 months old.  She didn’t really care for the bottle during the day, and nursed non-stop when I returned home.  My supply stayed in-tact, as I pumped twice per day at work, and I still do.

How did I do it?
While returning to work was hard in itself, pumping wasn’t as bad.  My job has a lactation room, and if it wasn’t available my boss allowed me to use his office.  In the beginning I pumped over 15 oz each session.  I pumped on-schedule as if I were feeding her, which was usually 11 am and 2 pm.

What helped?

  • Having a convenient, efficient breast pump – Medela Pump instyle Advance
  • Calling to check-in on mini me before each session
  • Having photos and videos on my phone
  • Staying relaxed
  • Having water before and after each session.  Staying hydrated is necessary to maintaing your supply.

By pumping at work, you ensure that your little one gets the best even when you’re not there to serve it up directly from the source.

Did you continue breast feeding when you returned to work? How did it work out?