Today’s ‘Milk Monday’s’ topic is maintaining breastfeeding when away from baby. A reader is concerned her baby will not want to breast feed when she returns from  being away, and wanted to know how I dealt with it.

In January, I had gone on vacation out of the country for 5 days away from mini me. She was 9 months old at the time. I too was concerned she would refuse the breast when I came back. Fortunately, that was not the case.


Prior to leaving, I sought out advice on the internet via blogs and forums, and found very little information. There were quite a few moms on twitter who said they had no problems with their little ones latching back on after being away from them.

I think that as long as you nurse during the times you’re with the baby, and only give the bottle when you’re let’s say, at work – breastfeeding your baby after not being with them for a few days will be just like you never left.

While I was away my daughter drank her bottle. She is used to having a bottle during the day only. My Mom said that in the evenings she did want to nurse, but when she became hungry she eventually took the bottle.

When I arrived home from my flight at around 1am, my daughter wake up about 2-hours later just in-time for her night feeding. She was excited to see me & latched on regularly as though I’d never left.

A Few tips (see more here)

  • Pump as often as you would normally nurse your baby
  • Try some golactogogues. I used fenugreek tea, capsules & more milk plus.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Have fun & don’t worry. Stress can decrease your supply.
  • Bring back milk for your baby
  • Bring pictures of your baby, and if you can, Skype.  This ended up making our daughter a little upset, but, it was good for us to see her.

I hope that this was helpful.
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Happy Milking!