While going through my blogroll I came across this blog post by Blacktating, titled “Monica and Brandy “Debate” Breastfeeding.”  It is cool when celebrities, especially black celebrities are pro breastfeeding, and are nursing women themselves, but when they make stupid, ignorant comments like these two, it just takes  pro breastfeeding efforts a step back.

In Elita’s post, she said something that stuck out to me:

Requiring a mom to cover up to appease your own discomfort with her breastfeeding is not support. Requiring a mom to leave a picnic in the park with her family to breastfeed her baby in the car is not support. If you say you support breastfeeding and add a disclaimer about privacy or covers or pumped milk in a bottle? You don’t support breastfeeding.

My husband is quick to ask me if I have a blanket or diaper to use as a cover when we’re going out.   Mind you, mini me hates being covered, and will pull it away anyway, so covering is pretty much pointless.   Then there are times like yesterday when he seems to be 100% on board with not caring when, where and how I nurse mini me.    Yesterday, he says to me, “My wife is so gangsta she just whips out her tittie whenever.”

Just this past weekend someone told me there’s a bathroom to use if I want to nurse my daughter.  I shouldn’t have to feed my child in a bathroom.  When you’re hungry do you go into the bathroom to eat so no one can see you?  Do you hide under a blanket when you eat? More than likely you do not.  Why should my child?

I really think people whose ruffles get feathered when they see a nursing mom are undercover perverts.  People forget the purpose of breasts are for food, and sexual uses for the breasts is totally secondary.  Seriously, when you breast feed you don’t even see the entire breast; you can’t even see the nipple or areola.  People, if seeing skin bothers you, you have issues.  People go to nude beaches, watch porn etc.  And you can’t even handle seeing a nursing mom?!

Do you REALLY Support breastfeeding?