Right before mini me’s birthday, I did a post about my search for the perfect toddler stroller.  Well, I got it!

By ‘it’ I mean my Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini.  IT was onsale at Babies R Us. With tax, it came up to $199.  I got cashback through ebates.com.  I got the 2011 because I didn’t want to pay nearly $300 for a stroller, especially when the only upgrades are:
1. Storage basket with easier access
2. An automatic latch to keep the stroller closed.
-I never close the stroller.  Mini me has her own parking space for her stroller.

Why do I love it?
Besides it being super easy to put together (it look me under 10 minutes to assemble the stroller), I love the stroller because…
1. It is light.  Compared to the Graco stroller I had, it is like a feather.
2. It is easy to manuever and handles bumps well.  I can use one hand to push it without a problem. The Graco stroller I had, I could feel every single bump when I pushed it.
3. It is super easy to fold.  Not that I fold it up much, but, the times I have folded it up, it took literally two seconds to fold it.
4.  The canopy is huge. I mean HUGE.  It comes down hitting the top of the child tray.  It also comes down in three sections to afford you the opportunity to adjust shade-levels.  Even with the shade down I can still see the little one via the two windows, which I can keep open or closed.
5.  The seat lies flat enough for her to fall asleep comfortably. It’s easy to adjust as well.
6. You can add a carseat adapter

There are a lot of add-ons (for purchase .:womp womp:.)  We bought the child tray.  I still want to get the parent console.

We also ended up purchasing a rain cover for the jogger.  We opted for the Babies R Us brand ($14.99).  Why would I spend $40 on a plastic rain cover?

I also want to get a UV Protective Sunshade.  Brown babies need to protect themselves from UV rays too!

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Kim S.
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