I think most babies of color, at least from my experience, have that one dry patch of hair that forms at the back of their head.  My Sugar Plum had it, and I was struggling with it, as I’ve found via google search many other mom’s have.  While searching the internet for something that worked I came across CARA B Naturally products on several natural hair blogs, such as Afrobella.  I trust Patrice’s opinion, and after googling more raving reviews of the product, and contacting Cara B Naturally directly, I went ahead with ordering their shampoo/body wash, moisturizing leave-in conditioner and lotion.  I’ve been using the products since November 2011, and I am pleased.

CARA B Naturally is an all-natural line of hair & skincare products specifically for babies, children and their families who have curly or kinky coils. CARA B Naturally enhances the natural beauty of babies and children with varying skin types and hair textures while avoiding the use of harmful chemicals that damagew hair and skin, such as parabens, petrolatum, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial color and fragrance.  The CARA B Naturally shampoo/body wash, leave-in conditioner/daily moisturizer, body lotion, moisturizing hair mist and baby soap are all made with only natural plant-based ingredients.

Shampoo/Body Wash

Price: $11.00 for 8 fl. oz. bottle. 
The shampoo is a little on the thin side.  I wouldn’t say it’s watery though. Prior to using this shampoo, I was using California Baby, which left Sugar Plum’s hair feeling dry and stripped.  Cara B Naturally’s shampoo/body wash leaves my daughter’s hair feeling clean and moisturized, oh and smelling good too! 
The scent of all of the products reminds me of an old school gum candy I used to eat as a child.  The name escapes me right now, but, it smells good.  The scent isn’t too overpowering, and it dies down as the day goes on, leaving a nice fresh, yummy fragrance behind that makes me want to gobble my daughter up. 
Leave-in conditioner/Daily moisturizer
 Price: $13.00 for 8 fl oz. 
When I use the leave-in conditioner, I add it to her wet hair after washing.  Throughout the week, I add it and comb it through then seal it with an oil like EVOO or VCO.  I find that the VCO works best with this product.  Her hair is left soft and manageable for a few days.  The curls even last longer. I did notice that if you do not use an oil with it, the hair will harden up after it dries, as if you put mousse or a light gel in the hair, which eventually softens throughout the day.
Before the conditioner 
After the conditioner

I would like to try the hair mist to see if it makes a difference.
The consistency of the conditioner and body lotion are very similar, and they do look alike once squeezed out of the bottle.  They’re both very thick (not heavy, and creamy.  
Body Lotion

The body lotion, which I at times use myself leaves both of our skin feeling very well moisturized throughout the day.  Even though this product has a scent, it does not cause my daughters sensitive skin to breakout, an issue I’ve had with other scented products.

Overall, I would recommend Cara B Naturally products to anyone looking to use a natural personal care product line for their babies and children.   CARA B Naturally products are long lasting, gentle enough for sensitive skin types and don’t strip away essential oils that little ones need for healthy skin and hair. 

Cara B Naturally Products can be purchased online or at your local CVS or Target