First, Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope your Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanzaa is/was great time spent with your family and friends. Mine was well. Sugar plum enjoyed her 1st Christmas. She was pretty overwhelmed with all of the toys she received; she didn’t know which ones to play with first.

Next week the hubby and I, along with my sister and her boyfriend (if they don’t back out) are going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for five days sans baby. When we planned this trip I thought I would be fine leaving her for that amount of time. Now, it seems like it will be a very long trip.

I did think about bringing her, even up until two weeks ago I wanted to. The hubby was 100% against it. He did say that I should bring her because my “heart and mind will be in New York.” I know he really didn’t mean it, so I’m going without her. I know that leaving will be harder on me than her; I’m already sad. Usually, I pack for my vacations weeks, even months in advance, and this time I have not packed a thing. Honestly, I don’t care to. I don’t want to go.

People have said it would be good for me and the hubby, especially since we will have time together as husband and wife. We will see…

While I’m gone I am going to leave her with my mom since that is who has been watching her from since I’ve returned to work. Since I’m going to be gone for a long time, it makes sense to leave her in a familiar environment, especially now because she experiences separation and stranger anxiety. I don’t want her to be stressed because I’m gone, she can’t nurse, and then she’s not somewhere she’s used to. I don’t want to be away with that on my mind. She’ll be in her space, which makes it an easier pill for me to swallow.

Another thing I’m worried about is how she will deal with not being able to nurse at night. During the week she nurses from the time I come home until she goes to sleep, and sometimes during the night. I also hope I have enough milk stored for her. I’m assuming she’s drinking about 30 oz. a day I’d need at minimum 30 bags of milk in the freezer. I’ve started pumping on weekends and freezing that to keep up the supply.
Yes, I’m still nursing.  My supply may take a minor hit while I’m away from her, but, I plan to pump on schedule to keep it up. It sucks because I will not be able to use it. It costs too much to ship it back to the U.S. I may end up saving milk from my last two days to bring back since refrigerated milk lasts up to 6 days.