Last July, I introduced you to (click here). This site allows anyone, man or woman, to find skincare products specific to their skin problems. Whether it’s to treat acne, slow-down the aging process, combat oily or dry skin, it’s there.

I haven’t been on there in a while. I was surprised to see the whole site was re-vamped, in a better way of course. It’s more clean and user-friendly. Users also have the option of adding their different skincare routines. Since I haven’t been on the site in a good while, the products listed under the products I use was incorrect. I changed them, and used those same products to add to my daily routine. It was extremely simple.

If interested, you can always go to mySkin.comto checkout my routine. I will update it as needed. I am thinking about creating one for wearing makeup during the day and evening. If you sign-up or are already a member, you are able to comment or suggest changes to my routine.
One thing I do think should do, is for bloggers like me, create a widget that can be placed on the blog for posting each routine so our readers can see. Other than that, I still love the site. It still has the same great features, just better. You are still able to make purchases from the site as before as well.

Check it out!

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