Hand Expressing Breastmilk…
Yesterday, I did something I promise I will NEVER do again!  I accidentally left the cord to my pump home.  I have the Medela Pump In Style Advanced, which is an electric pump.  Leaving the cord at home was a BIG FAIL on my part.  I normally pump at work twice.  Around 11 AM  when it was time for me to pump the 1st time I went to plug it up, and the cord was not there.  I’m like what to do! As I sat waiting and thinking about what to do, my breasts became fully engorged .:painful:.  I wasn’t about to head all of the way home (more than 1.5 hours there and back) to pick the cord up.  I had to resort to hand-expressing my milk.  It took FOREVER! It’s also hard work. I was able to get out 5 oz per side.  It took 20 minutes or more for each side.  My wrists were sore.  I’ve read about many women who do this because they get less milk expressed with pumps (weird).  I don’t know how they do this more than once a day, but, I give it to them. Needless to say, I felt like a cow getting milked .:lol:.

It’s funny because when my Mom first saw me with ym electric pump she stated “You kids these days are spoiled. Back in the old days women used to do it with their hands right into a jar.”  I think she jinxed me. .:lol:. 

Now, I am looking into purchasing a manual pump to leave at work just incase something like this happens again.  My co-worker recommended Avent.  It’s about $50 for the one that comes with the carry case.  If any of you have any recommendations on a good, decently priced manual pump, please let me know. I do not want to spend more than $50-$60.

Learn How to Hand Express Breastmilk