She’s hungry & tired… I’m tired lol

I would have never thought doing something your body was meant to do can turn out to be so messy!  From the leaks, to the squirting everywhere or on people… it’s a mess! LOL

If she doesn’t latch-on herself because she’s too tired or lazy I sometimes have to place my nipple in her mouth.  In placing my nipple there, especially if my breasts are fully engorged (usually mornings & between her long naps), I’d squirt on her, in the air, and I even caught myself in the face! .:LOL:. It also happens when I’m trying to put my bad girls away.  

My tops are always wet (like why wear a clean shirt? j/k but really?!?), and sometimes I have milk running down places from leaking.  This happens either when I’m nursing her and I switch breasts, and in between my milk let’s down… Or when I’m pumping & she just happens to want to feed.  It doesn’t help that the nursing pads shift everywhere, which means a leak through my shirt. At night, if she wakes up to feed and we both fall asleep, my breast is left out, aaaand let-down happens once, even a couple of times before I notice & wake up… I’m left wet & maybe my sheets.  Ahh the joys…

I still love BF’ing since it’s…(in no particular order)
1. Convenient
2. Economical
3.  Allows me to bond with her
4.  No bottles to warm or clean
5.  Has nutritional benefits
6.  It’s helping me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight quickly

Hands-Free Pumping
I will be pumping while I’m at work.  My Medela pump isn’t hands-free.  The hands-free one was $100 more; therefore, I purchased the Easy Expression Bustier by Medela from amazon for about $30.  I got a size small.  It doesn’t create a snug enough fit for me, so I probably should have gotten an x-small.  It does the job; I can walk around, pump one side & feed her, or type on my blogs while pumping.  The only thing is, towards the end I have to hold the pump horn closer to me in order to ensure all of the milk is expressed.  It’ll be helpful to use when I return to work in June.

With its patented zip-front strapless design, the Medela’s Easy Expression™ Bustier lets you achieve hands-free pumping! It is easy to wear, use and wash. The Easy Expression™ Bustier is made of a Cotton/Spandex blend that is comfortable by itself or over a nursing bra or cami. Compatible with most electric pumps. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried. The Easy Expression™ Bustier is available in sizes small (32-34), medium (34-36) and large (38-40).

Next post (hopefully soon) will be about Nursing in Public (NIP)