This weekend was interesting. It started off fun then it turned into who knows what!

I had a “craving” for stuffed French toast from Sabrina’s Café in Philadelphia. My husband decided to make a mini road trip out of it, so he invited my sister and her boyfriend. I later invited one of my best friend’s and her significant other as well.

Saturday morning we began our journey to Philly.  Before we reached Sabrina’s we stopped off in Jersey to pick-up David’s ring, and went to Macy*s to pick-up a dinnerware set they had on-sale.  After two or three missed exits, we finally reached Philadelphia. The driver was peeved because their passengers (not me) got on them for not paying attention, and made jokes to the point where the driver ended up turning red, eyes welling with tears, and yelled profanities at the passengers. Hmph! I must say, I never laughed so hard in my life.  My stomach even began to sweat from all of the laughing I did.

Miraculously I only had to use the restroom twice on the way down. I’m definitely thinking about investing in the new depends underwear. .:lol:. I cannot have accidents in public.

Afiesha, Me, Shani 
Garvin & David

Thank God We Made it Safe!
The mood lightened once we got to Sabrina’s Café. Our wait wasn’t long at all; I’d say we waited at least 20 minutes. It didn’t take long for the six of us to get our food. It was well worth the drive!  

Stuffed French Toast we shared

Omelette David & I Shared

After we ate, we decided to try out Tony Luke’s for their cheese steak sandwiches (to take home). The cheese steaks smelled much better than they tasted. They are overrated if you ask me. After that, we were off to Brooklyn. I was asleep on the ride back, but from what I was told the ride back wasn’t too pleasant.

The trip was good for me because I got what I wanted. I guess whoever else who laughed and joked had a good time as well. 

Me at the end of the night

Big thanks to my husband for initiating this.  To all who came: Garvin, Afiesha, Omari & Shani.

How was your weekend?
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